All about the life of The Pig!

About The Sparkly Pig Clothing Boutique The Sparkly Pig was born on April 16, 2016. As you are probably wondering, how did she come up with the name “The Sparkly Pig”?! From the moment I saw my first pig I was obsessed. Growing up I loved playing with baby pigs, especially the runts. As I grew older I began to show pigs and became very passionate about it. When I graduated high school I attended college and received my bachelors degree in general agriculture. After I graduated I had several jobs but none of them made me truly happy. For a long time I had the idea of opening a boutique in the back of my mind but never thought I could really do it. Fashion had always been something I was great at. My girlfriends always came to my closet for something to wear! After saving enough money I found a vacant building for rent in my hometown, Mexico, MO and opened The Sparkly Pig! Last May I purchased my own building on the village square, right up the street from where I was renting. I couldn’t be happier with my new location.

I am very passionate about helping ladies to feel good about themselves on the inside and out. By helping them choose the right outfit I get to do that! Nothing makes me happier than a customer walking out of my store with a pink bag and a huge smile!

I realize that all women come in different shapes and sizes. That is why carrying sizes small - 3x is very important to me. We all deserve to feel pretty, regardless of our size.

Customer service is first and foremost with me! Please let me know if there is anything I can help with! Because of all of you I get to do what I love! God has truly blessed me! Happy shopping!